What's Important

Union Advocacy & Action 2018

Knowing what is important to you, is important to 876.

We recently sent a text message or an e-mail invitation directing members to a brief, online survey, titled "Union Advocacy and Action 2018." Its purpose is to gauge your interest and opinion on topics of concern that surround your communities. And with the resulting data, identify key issues you would like 876 to advocate for.

The survey has already produced significant enough results to provide a preliminary starting point to research efforts that will produce positive shifts in our communities. Shifts that speak to member opinion. Initial data reveals members are most interested in addressing issues surrounding jobs, taxes and schools, in that order. And to further solidify those priorities, members surveyed indicated they have a vested interest in health care, labor and education, also in that order.

To me, initial survey results indicate the desire to build better lives through better jobs, as better wages and meaningful benefits support a healthy economy and in turn community. At face value, this survey may have looked unrelated to the union or your job, but is not. You see, it is all connected and your participation in this union is the most fundamental part of its success. Thank you to everyone who took the survey. For those who did not, see the link below. I would appreciate your weigh-in.

UFCW 876 will continue to reach out, network and ask for your thoughts to discover not only opinion; but to develop avenues that produce these much needed shifts based on your guidance. Our plan is to create the shift - together.

Together we can do this!

Dan Pedersen