Finding out what it means to you.

In nearly every survey conducted over the years with 876 members, whether with Wayne State University or through UFCW International (as recent as this Fall) a reoccurring theme surfaces - members want respect on the job. The word respect covers a lot of ground as it means a great many things to a great many people.

Respect means paying a good wage, for the time spent away from your life, your family, your children. Respect means good health care benefits, for not only general wellness but to remedy injuries and illnesses to keep you working. Respect means a good pension plan, for genuine consideration of an employee's career. Respect means fair treatment at work, both from management and coworkers. Every one of these definitions are addressed in your union contract. It is what we do.

This past year was a watershed of progress for 876. Our priority is to serve members and their families with honesty, transparency and a whole lot of hard work. We hope you have been part of this really great transformation as we move into 2018 - together. Better contracts, better benefits, more thoughtful strategies in building bargaining power. Each and every step we take is purposeful in bringing respect on the job.

Together we can do this!

Dan Pedersen