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  • Welcome to UFCW Local 876

    Food, Commercial, and Retail Workers Labor Union Located in Detroit, Michigan!

    UFCW Local 876 stands as a formidable force in Michigan's labor landscape, proudly representing over 18,000 dedicated members spanning a multitude of sectors. From the bustling aisles of retail stores to the vital healthcare facilities, from the heart of grocery stores to the meat packing plants, and from the meticulous pharmacies to the emerging cannabis industry, our union encompasses a rich tapestry of professions and workers.


    Our commitment extends beyond mere representation; we are dedicated to fostering a better life for each and every one of our members. Through tireless advocacy and negotiation, we strive to secure robust contracts that uphold the rights and dignity of workers. We are staunch advocates for fair wages, recognizing the invaluable contributions our members make to their respective industries.


    At UFCW Local 876, empowerment is not just a buzzword—it's our guiding principle. We believe in equipping workers with the tools and resources they need to assert their voices in the workplace. Whether it's through collective bargaining, workplace organizing, or advocacy initiatives, we empower our members to stand tall and demand the respect and fairness they deserve.


    Together, as a united front, we navigate the complexities of the labor landscape, championing the rights and interests of our diverse membership. With UFCW Local 876 by your side, you're not just a member; you're an integral part of a powerful movement dedicated to shaping a brighter future for all. Join us, and let's continue to build a better tomorrow, one empowered worker at a time.

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    Contact Us!


    Ph: 1.800.321.6406

    Fax: 1.248.585.0509

    Email: info@ufcw876.org

    Social Media: @UFCW876

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    Visit Us!

    UFCW Union Hall

    26495 American Dr.

    Southfield, MI 48034

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    Looking to Form a Union?

  • About Your Union

    We always strive for the best in our communities.

    Solid Contracts, Protections & Benefits

    As a valued member of UFCW Local 876, you enjoy the security and protection provided by a meticulously negotiated and legally-binding contract. This contract, crafted with direct input from members like yourself and subjected to the democratic process of member voting, serves as a beacon of assurance and empowerment in the workplace.

    Within the folds of your union contract lie a multitude of benefits designed to safeguard your well-being and enhance your quality of life. From guaranteed wage increases that reflect the value of your hard work to access to high-quality health insurance at a reasonable cost, the provisions of your contract are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our membership.

    Furthermore, your union contract ensures a secure future with an employer-paid retirement plan, providing peace of mind for your golden years. Paid holidays and vacation time acknowledge the importance of work-life balance, while seniority rights afford you the recognition and opportunities you rightfully deserve.

    Importantly, your contract establishes clear guidelines for fair treatment from management, shielding you from arbitrary actions and ensuring that decisions are made with transparency and accountability. With protections against unjust disciplinary actions, you can perform your duties with confidence, knowing that your rights are upheld and your contributions respected.

    In essence, your UFCW Local 876 union contract is more than just a document—it's a testament to the collective strength and solidarity of our membership. It embodies the values of fairness, equality, and justice, serving as a cornerstone of our commitment to empowering workers and building a better future for all.

    Who We Are

    UFCW Local 876 stands as an inclusive, member-driven union in Michigan, proudly representing over 18,000 hardworking individuals.

    Our diverse membership includes workers from grocery stores, packing and processing facilities, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and even Cannabis workers!

    Each day, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all Members have a bright, and prosperous future. Together, we champion the interests of our members by negotiating strong contracts and advocating for higher wages. We believe in reaffirming the dignity of workers and ensuring that they have a powerful voice in the workplace.

    Through organized efforts, we work towards improving working conditions, fostering stronger communities, and envisioning a brighter future for all. At UFCW Local 876, we stand united in our commitment to empowering workers and shaping a more equitable society.

  • Components of the Union

    People that protect workers' hard-earned rights.

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    Contractual Language Means What?!

    Contracts Are Your Written Guarantee

    There are nearly 50 different contracts reflecting over 18,000+ union members in 876. Although very detailed, a quick review reveals basic components: coverage, grievance procedure, paid time off, vacations, seniority, wages, hours and schedules. This language is your guarantee to a fair and safe work environment.

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    Heartland Health & Wellness Fund

    Your Health Insurance Coverage Is Important

    Employers who participate with the Heartland Health & Wellness Fund are The Kroger Company, Hollywood Markets and Oleson's Foods.


    Effective January 1, 2022, the plan's administrative office has moved to 7250 Poe Avenue, Suite 300, Dayton, OH 45414. This office manages medical, dental, vision, time loss and pre-paid legal inquiries and programs. You can call them at 1-800-433-1204 or visit them here.

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    2024 Pension Open House

    Get Help Navigating the Pension Process

    The union provides free financial guidance to every member and their spouse through the Financial Wellness Center. Open Houses are every third Wednesday of the month - click here for more info!


    Call or email Aaron Cary with inquiries at 1-800-321-6406 extension #8645.

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    General Membership Meetings

    All general membership meetings are open to eligible UFCW 876 members. At these meetings, union representatives review the actions of the executive board, present updates, and address member's questions. Meetings are held at the UFCW 876 Hall - 26495 American Drive Southfield, MI 48034


    Upcoming Dates:

    March 5, 2024 5:00 PM

    June 4, 2024 5:00 PM

    September 10, 2024 5:00 PM

    December 7, 2024 11:00 AM

    *All Dates and Times are subject to change

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    Join the Movement!

  • Important Contact Information

    Membership Records

    1-800-321-6406 x: 8634

    Heartland Health & Welfare Fund


    Organizing Department


    Financial Wellness Center

    1-800-321-6406 x: 8645

    UFCW National Pension Fund


    Pre-Paid Legal


    UFCW 876 Union Hall


    26495 American Drive Southfield, MI 48034



  • Change of Address

    Have you moved recently? Update your information here!