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    What is the Union Advantage?


    A union offers a proven avenue to improve your working conditions. By establishing a union in your workplace, you and your fellow workers gain the ability to influence key aspects such as wages, schedules, vacation policies, retirement benefits, safety measures, and other factors that directly impact your everyday life!


    Workers all across Michigan choose to join UFCW 876 for many reasons, including:

    • Higher wages and guaranteed raises
    • Guaranteed hours and consistent scheduling
    • Accessible healthcare coverage at affordable rates
    • Retirement benefits
    • Additional compensation for overtime hours
    • Paid holidays and sick leave
    • Seniority Rights (Vacations, Scheduling, Hours, etc.)
    • Paid vacation time
    • Safer working conditions
    • Ensuring fair and respectful treatment from management

    The Union Advantage extends far beyond the workplace, translating into tangible benefits that enrich the lives of workers and their families.


    Joining a union means more than just a paycheck—it means increased financial security to pursue your dreams, whether it's buying a home, starting a family, tackling student loan debt, or saving for retirement.


    Statistics reveal the undeniable advantages of union membership: unionized workers enjoy better wages and benefits compared to their non-union counterparts, with wages averaging 15% higher. Moreover, a staggering 96% of union workers receive union-negotiated, employer-provided health insurance, a stark contrast to the 68% among non-union workers.


    Beyond financial gains, unions play a pivotal role in bolstering the working and middle classes and combating workplace inequality. Studies show that in states without high union density, workers' incomes tend to be markedly lower.


    What are you waiting for? Start a Union today!