Insight provided by you.

Your thoughts bring greater understanding; greater unity. 

It's hard to believe we are half way through the year. Members and staff persons alike have marched through an intense calendar of negotiations, bargaining, wage re-openers, protecting member's contractual languages, trainings, Steward Edu, scholarship awards and multiple union events. 876 has been focusing on the future, sure; but have also taken account for the past and made modifications that improve and strengthen 876.

I've got to say, it's been really a great experience. Meeting so many of you has been the best part and those relationships have certainly put a face on every one of 876's efforts to protect, develop and improve the contractual benefits you have earned. The best way to maintain a solid union contract is conversation. Conversations between you and coworkers; you and your membership representative; and you and me.

I have learned the most from you. I appreciate very much when you share your insights, knowledge and experiences with me. In doing so, you are providing valuable insights on how to make your working lives, and ultimately personal lives - better. In turn, it gives our staff the power to secure better wages, better benefits and a better life for you.

I am really excited to watch our bargaining power grow. I know many of you are too. Please remain in the loop with us by updating your contact information, signing up for e-mail programs, joining our Facebook page, attending events and dropping us a line.

Together we can do this!