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Everyone Counts; Everyone Matters

Making a Strong Union Requires Strong Members

As we "go to press" we are making the final arrangements for the biggest union event of the year, The 25 Year Member Celebration happening at the Motor City Sound Board on November 2 and Soaring Eagle Casino on November 8. We fully expect a full house at each event. The R.S.V.P.'s arrived almost immediately from mailing the invitations! There is still time to get in on the fun. We hope to hear from you soon.


It's been super busy. Contractually, we have made big strides for thousands of 876 members across the state with guaranteed wage increases, bonuses, job protections, secured health care benefits and pensions. Did you know in this year alone, 18 contracts have been negotiated and ratified, guaranteeing solid protections for nearly 15,000 members and their families? That is an immense amount of guarantees that make life more predictable for families.


876 devoted a lot of time and energy to the Kroger Metro grocery and meat members this year. And with good reason, their favorable contract win in many ways (not all) develops a standard for upcoming 876 contracts and yes, even Kroger contracts in other states.


Don't get me wrong, the members working at Smith Meat Packing, Amcane Sugar, Medstar, Antolin, Promedica, Operating Engineers, Darling Ingredients, Riverside Market, Dearborn Sausage, Turri's Italian Foods, Adhesive Systems and Sheet Metal Workers held equal significance in 2019.


But we could not have done it without you. Member awareness and participation is key for my staff and myself when at the bargaining table. The collective strength you provide lets employers know that not only are you paying attention; but that you know what is fair because you have done your homework. That's important! And this past contract ratification calendar is proof of that.

The 2020 contract schedule is looking to be just as busy, with over 10 contracts up for renewal. So, if you are one of these members, stay in touch with your membership representative and union steward. They will be bringing important news and notice into your workplaces regarding your contract negotiations.


That being said, if you have not signed up for e-mail alerts pertaining to union news, and in many cases, contractual news, be sure to sign up today. You can do this online. Go to and click the link "e-mail us." Fill in the form and submit. That information will go directly to the membership department, keeping you in the loop.


This Thanksgiving I want to send out my sincere appreciation to all of you. For listening, for advocating, for protecting your coworkers, for showing up, for sharing your time and ideas with me, for attending classes, for participating in our Membership Advantage events and for allowing me to fight for you and your families. Thank you.


Together we can do this!

Dan Pedersen


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