Hard Work Pays Off

Contractual Gains Echo into 2019

We kicked off the year with what turned out to be a stringent line-up of contract negotiations. Each bargaining meeting brought with it unique circumstances that called for both me, bargaining committees and members to be on their best game. The hard work paid off! Please read inside article "Contractual Gains Echo into 2019." The start of 2019 provides a measure of what a handful of engaged, union members can achieve on the behalf of many. I'm super proud of everyone who stepped up and stood up for their coworkers in making these contractual gains happen. Thank you!

It is exactly this type of dynamic that can provide a better life for 876 members. A dynamic is a force that stimulates change or progress within an existing system or process. When looked at in this way, member engagement and participation stimulate the changes and progress already in motion within 876's existing system. When this happens, really incredible progress can be made. When these two, coordinated forces intersect at humility and understanding, even greater gains can be achieved.

Our Steward program goals are to build this type of member/union dynamic as well. We have had a really solid start as we currently have more Stewards "on the ground" than ever before. And they are receiving the type of continuing education that provides meaningful skills. Skills that are contractual, skills that are interpersonal, skills that save their coworkers money and preserve both benefits and jobs. It is exciting to watch them grow into advocates as they begin to unravel the protections contained in their contracts and use them in their workplaces.

If you have ever considered serving as a Steward, this is a great time to step forward. Not only will you become a powerhouse of knowledge in your store, you will have ample opportunities to pave the way for every member whose hard work deserves to be recognized. Membership representatives will be conducting a Steward audit in May and recommending those interested to the 876 Executive Board in the coming weeks.

Together we can do this!

Dan Pedersen