Elections Have Consequences

Good jobs, affordable benefits, a secure retirement in a fair environment

Elections have consequences.

And as your union president, my priorities are to protect good jobs, affordable benefits, a secure retirement and fair pay in an environment where we are free to negotiate for a better life for UFCW 876 members. 2020 has amplified your contributions and sacrifices as you continue to work through a historically devastating pandemic. You are in essence, feeding our communities, and deserve recognition.

The election process has been unconventional at best, and in true fashion of 2020, it was anything but predictable. Despite concerns over ballot accountability in Michigan and the country, vote processes held up well under the immense pressures of doubt, intimidation and misinformation. Every vote was counted as our Constitutional process outlines. We believe President-elect Biden will provide the necessary shift to regain worker power and balance in our country as we now have a seat at the table.

Complacency has no seat at the table. We are now called to refine and define all that is unjust. Across the country, the labor movement will seize this day to make great strides towards equality. This day is certainly one to celebrate but we must be mindful that the balance of power can shift very quickly producing significant and damaging impacts. We now have a seat at the table.