Disingenuous at Best

President Pedersen Takes on Goliath - Again and Again

May 13, 2020

The Kroger Company

For The Kroger Company to say it took aggressive and timely action in protecting our members during this pandemic is disingenuous at best. You also state our members are better served, and would even prefer, the company maximize health and safety precautions in lieu of Hero Pay. You are wrong on both accounts.

Our members are acutely aware the company publicly adapts health and safety policy but fails to fully implement it. The list you provided of action items the company has taken (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, customer masks and distancing, testing, etc.) is largely either the direct result of: union and public pressure; national and state government orders; or is available to the general public - and not of the company’s goodwill.

It is morally and socially irresponsible for The Kroger Company to decide to choose only one option: a potential safe work environment over Hero Pay. Your decision to budget for only what is required by law, proves the bottom line is more important than people. This sends a strong message to not only your employees but their communities. Especially in light of record sales!

Your offer to maximize an already failed health and safety program is an insult. Our members want and deserve Hero Pay. The Kroger Company needs to step up to protect and provide for those who continue to take significant risks to their health and safety; while making Kroger millions of dollars. I am calling on the company to extend the $2.00/hour wage increase indefinitely until the end of this crisis.

Adhesive Systems, Alexander Hornung, Cattleman’s Meat & Produce, Diversitak, Hollywood Market, Inc., Koegel Meats, Meijer, Oleson’s Food Stores, Pat’s, People’s Food Co-op, Polly’s Country Market and Riverside Market have all stepped up and did the

right thing.


Dan Pedersen

UFCW 876 President