• Historic day in Michigan. Worker’s rights restored!

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    Stephanie Finley

    Kroger 658

    Karen Downey

    Floral Manager- Kroger 456

    Fatme Chami & Antowan Earl

    Kroger 443

    Denise Trongo

    Hollywood 6

    Dom Acho

    Kroger 622

    Heather Johnston

    Hollywood 8

    DeAngelo Harper

    Dearborn Sausage

    Desiree Suggs

    kroger 697

    Jim Porter, Ron Crosby, Doug Ward and Adam Dennie

    Farm Shop Crew- 

    Twin City Foods

    Dylan Butler


    Pat's Food Center

    Walter Kowalsky Grocery- Pat's Food Center

    Jill frisbie and 

    phil huffman

    Meat- Polly's 12


    Brandy Edgar

    Kroger 708

    Boneva Needham

    Cheese Master- Kroger 688

    Ariesha Denham

    Kroger 441

    Aisha Moore 

    Kroger 661

    Rebecca Carver

    Deli Manager- Hollywood 3

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    President Pedersen Visit

    Earlier this month President Pedersen visted Kroger 864 with Recorder Villalpando. While they were there they got to catch up with many members. Stay tuned for coverage of more President Pedersen Visits.

    Welcome to the UFCW 876 Family


    Congratulations Bob's Discount Furniture!


    Earlier this week Bob’s Discount Furniture in Shelby Township voted in favor of workplace protections and benefits. Welcome to the UFCW 876 family!

    Welcome to the Team

    Justin Pruett

    Justin was hired at Kessel in 1999 as a courtesy clerk. When Kroger absorbed Kessel, he continued with the company. Throughout his 24 year long career, he held many positions, such as Grocery Backup, Frozen Manager, and Produce Manager. He has been a union steward for the past 20 years. He has always been a champion for the rights of the workers. Before he joined the union this year, he was Produce Manager at Kroger 409.


    We are very excited that Justin has joined our team! #UFCW876 #PresidentPedersen


    Happy National Supermarket

    Employee Day!

    Wishing all of our UFCW 876 members working in grocery stores a Happy Supermarket Employee Day! Thank you!!! #supermarketemployeeday #UFCW876 #PresidentPedersen

    Turri's Contract Passed!

    Turri's Italian Foods overwhelming passed a new four-year contract! They voted for significant wage increases. Congratulations to our members at Turri's for securing Better Wages for a Better Life!

    Welcome to 876 Family!


    Congratulations to the Lume workers in Monroe, Michigan who voted to join Local 876 today! These workers stood together because they know that having a union contract is the way to create a sustainable future as a cannabis worker.


    "Unions built Southeast Michigan and we're honored to be the newest part of the rebuilding effort. A unionized Lume means better working conditions for employees, better relationships between the store and corporate management, and an improved experience for cannabis enthusiasts." -Michael, Luminary, Monroe


    "Unions got us the weekend over a century ago. It's time for the next generation to continue to improve upon their legacy" -Kyle, Luminary, Monroe


    Are you interested in forming your union? Go to www.ufcw.org/cannabis to learn more!

    Welcome Cannabis Worker Guild!

    A huge THANK YOU to all involved on getting the Cannabis Worker Guild's very first UFCW 876 contract ratified. Welcome to the union! #thankyou #UFCW876 #PresidentPedersen

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  • About Your Union

    We always strive for the best in our communities.

    Solid Contracts, Protections & Benefits

    As a UFCW 876 member, you're protected by a legally-binding contract that's negotiated with member input and voted on by the members the contract covers. Your union contract features many benefits including: guaranteed wage increases; quality health insurance at a reasonable cost; employer-paid retirement plan; paid holidays and paid vacation; seniority rights, fair treatment from management and no discipline without just cause.

  • Who is the UFCW 876?

  • Components of the Union

    People that protect workers' hard-earned rights.

    Contractual Language Means What?!

    Contracts Are Your Written Guarantee

    There are nearly 50 different contracts reflecting over 18,000+ union members in 876. Although very detailed, a quick review reveals basic components: coverage, grievance procedure, paid time off, vacations, seniority, wages, hours and schedules. This language is your guarantee to a fair and safe work environment.

    Heartland Health & Wellness Fund

    Your Health Insurance Coverage Is Important

    Employers who participate with the Heartland Health & Wellness Fund are The Kroger Company, Hollywood Markets and Oleson's Foods. And effective January 1, 2022, the plan's administrative office has moved to 7250 Poe Avenue, Suite 300, Dayton, OH 45414. This office manages medical, dental, vision, time loss and pre-paid legal inquiries and programs. You can call them at 1-800-433-1204 or visit them here.

    2023 Pension Open House

    Get Help Navigating the Pension Process

    The union provides free financial guidance to every member and their spouse through the Financial Wellness Center.


    Call or email Aaron Cary with inquiries at 1-800-321-6406 extension #8645.

    General Membership Meetings

    All general membership meetings are open to eligible UFCW 876 members. At these meetings, union representatives review the actions of the executive board, present updates, and address member's questions. Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m. and are held at the UFCW 876 Hall- 26495 American Drive Southfield, MI 48034


    Upcoming Dates:

    June 6, 2023


    We've got a top notch team!

    The union has a staff of member representatives who are your advocate in the workplace. They know your contract and are on duty 24/7 to protect your job and to maintain a fair work environment. You can find your member representative by calling 1-800-321-6406 and using the extensions listed below or by e-mail. See representative listing below.

    Joe Clark

    business agent

    1-800-321-6406 extension #8669

    Rite Aid: 4377

    Kroger: 440, 448, 615, 619, 642, 656, 658, 661, 685, 751

    Nathan Clark

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8674

    Kroger: 449, 464, 487, 528, 706, 743, 757

    Hollywood Market: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

    Rite Aid: 2731, 4559, 4270

    Bill Crim

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8615

    Kroger: 277, 635, 795;


    Kroger New Market: 424


    Kroger Frankenmuth 436, Kroger Bridgeport 437.


    Pat's Food Center, Freeland.


    Riverside Market, Durand & Montrose


    Oleson's Food Stores


    Jessie Vertigan

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8659

    Kroger: 450, 495, 515, 622, 663, 715, 724, 774, 784


    Rite Aid: 4409, 4943.

    Marc Freund

    business agent/organizer


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8682

    Kroger: 363, 481, 649, 675,729, 759


    Rite Aid: 4302, 4697

    Elaine Hill

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8664

    Kroger: 461, 492, 637, 650, 684, 704, 716, 737, 754


    Medstar Ambulance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


    Rite Aid:4338, 4317

    Ashley Hubbard

    Membership Services


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8641

    Kroger: 447, 454, 455, 463, 486, 602, 710, 749, 776

    Dawn McClanahan

    Director of Membership Services


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8676

    Provincial House LPN & Support

    Rite Aid: 4334, 4362, 4322, 4335

    Kroger: 415, 458, 577, 578, 579, 693, 708, 775

    Devan McDaniels

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8649

    Rite Aid: 4519


    Kroger: 365, 576, 605, 688, 689, 707, 864


    People's Food Co-op

    Alejandra Ruiz

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8619

    Alexander & Hornung, Antolin St. Clair, Darling International, Dearborn Sausage, Diversified Chemical, Diversitak Inc., Great lakes Embroidery, Koegel Meats & Sanitation, Operating Engineers Local 324, Clerical and Pension Fund, Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 & 292, Smith Meat Packing, Society St. Vincent DePaul, Turri's Italian Foods, Winter Sausage.

    Keith Schilling


    Jonathan Smith

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8670

    Adhesive Systems


    Cattlemans- Roseville

    Beacon Park

    Restaurant Depot

    Society St. Vincent De Paul

    Wolverine PC North

    Wolverine PC South (Bonnie Maid)

    Wolverine Lamb & Veal

    Margaritte Thomas

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8643

    Kroger: 441, 442, 443, 456, 459, 618, 630, 686, 691, 697


    Rite Aid 4358.

    John Morrison

    Business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8618

    CVS Pharmacy 8267


    Rite Aid 2509, 4266, 4301, 4355, 4366, 4368, 4402, 4445, 4466, 4485, 4498, 4512, 4526, 4537, 4545, 4595, 4694, 4703, 4897.

    Justin Pruett

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8661

    Kroger: 465, 600, 620, 651, 709


    Kroger New Market: 409, 714


    Rite Aid: 1729, 3356, 3452, 3510, 3667, 4309, 4310, 4319, 4340, 4438, 4440, 4442, 4504, 4588, 4761, 4806

    Steven Strachn

    business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8603

    Kroger: 361, 364, 520, 670, 671, 680, 681, 703

    Rite Aid: 4332

    Polly's: 12

    Polly's Meat Dept.: 5, 6, 14, 16.

    Twin City Foods

    Tyler Russell

    Business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8623

    Kroger: 366, 444, 526, 632, 634, 638, 639, 720, 721

    Aaron Squeo

    political director/Business agent


    1-800-321-6406 extension #8626

    Kroger Meat Dept.: 680, 681, 793, 811, 852, 884, 887, 888, 890.

    Jerry Young



    1-800-321-6406 extension #8677

  • Active Ballot Club

    UFCW 876 members know worker-friendly legislation is derived from candidates who support, advocate and push for laws that create meaningful, worker protection policy in both our nation and state. Without these leaders and actions, workers are vulnerable to the interests and budgets of their employers. That is why UFCW 876 has the Active Ballot Club, or A.B.C.

  • Membership Events

  • 876 Member Pension Open House


    Pension Open Houses are held on the third Wednesday of every month - except December.

    Questions can be directed to Aaron Cary at 1-800-321-6406

    extension #8645.

  • How the Pension Process Works

    Knowing the 876 Pension Connection, Resources and Programs.

    UFCW International Union-Industry Pension Fund has a NEW address! P.O. Box 3891 Oak Brook, IL 60522-3891 - 1-800-531-2385. We recommend pensioners create a login with the National Pension Fund to download any additional forms (state/fed taxes, bank link, 1099's, income verification and applications here).


    Attend a Pension Open House

    Eligible 876 members curious about or contemplating a retirement should attend a Pension Open House at the union hall. Download a flyer for dates and times.


    Do Your Research

    Discover what your current pension status is by calling the pension office and requesting a "Pension Credit Application." Do this if you are one year out from potential retirement.


    Request a "Retirement Application"

    Gearing up to retire? Six months before your date, call the pension office and request a "Retirement Application."


    Address Changes

    Changing your address with the pension office is easy. Download the form here and mail it in or fax it to: 1-312-329-7923.

  • The New American Citizenship Fund

    The New American Citizenship Fund, which awards $600 to eligible UFCW members across the country, is made possible by the UFCW United Latinos. Deadline to apply for this benefit is March 1, 2023. Full details, eligibility criteria and application available at link below:


  • 2023 UFCW 876 Scholarship Application

    Deadline to Apply April 28, 2023

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