• Update!

    Congratulations to Polly's Country Market Workers!

    With a strong turnout from the bargaining unit, the tentative agreement overwhelmingly passed! Congratulations to all of our members at Polly's Country Market on accepting your new proposal! If you have any questions about the new agreement, talk to your steward or your member representative. Your new 4-year contract will go into effect on March 5, 2017. We will notify you when contracts are available in print in the coming weeks.

  • Stay Up to Date on Your Negotiations

    UFCW 876 has had one meeting with the company that went well. We have more meetings scheduled during the coming month. Stay up to date here on the latest news and information during this process. Sign up for email updates below. If you have not taken our employee survey, you may fill out the questionnaire below so that we can know what is most important to you.

    Stay Informed. Use Your Voice.

  • - A Message From Your Bargaining Committee -

    Theresa Motsinger, Peter Katakowski, Jen Perry

    "The last two contracts have been concessions, but this time is different. We have to draw a hard line to stand up for ourselves in negotiations. We need support and attention from all of our coworkers during this process. Stay informed. We know we will not get everything we want, but by standing strong and united, we will get the best contract possible."

  • Employee Survey

    Take our short survey on what is important to you, so we can best represent you in negotiations.

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