• Your Contract Passed!


    With an overwhelming majority of both meat and grocery members at Hollywood Markets, your contract passed! Thank you to each and every member who participated in the vote and made their voices heard. Your new contract includes the following language changes:


    · The Union can elect one additional grocery steward when needed

    · New language for part-time employees allowing you to get maximized up to 34 hours and no less than 12 hours per week

    · Stores may utilize Assistant Department head positions in departments with existing department heads. (New language)

    · Health and Welfare: Consolidated four plans into two plans with minimal increases

    · When using personal vehicles for work, you will now receive the IRS prevailing rate

    · All top-rated Department Heads, Assistant Head Cashiers and Clerk/Cashiers shall receive hourly wage increase each year of the contract

    · Established a wage chart for anyone with less than five years of service

    · Assistant Department Heads promoted after 5/5/2017 shall receive one dollar ($1.00) above their current rate of pay for all hours worked


  • Grievance Victory at Hollywood

    We are celebrating the positive resolution of a grievance regarding service clerks, who were working outside of their classification but not getting paid accordingly. Your time and work are valuable, and we take this type of error very seriously. Because your union rep was made aware of the situation, we were able to take a stand on their behalf. And through the grievance procedure laid out in your contract, we were able to hold the company accountable, so that four employees are receiving back pay for their work performed.



  • Hollywood Market Members

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